Wednesday, 25 September 2013

well the season is almost over 15% off this week to say thank you

hello all,
      once again the year has flown, but thankfully we have had some nice weather and the koi have managed to put on that much needed body weight to help them get through our next winter, just to say thank you for your continued support we will be offering 15% off all stock this week [excluding in store offers] so grab that nexus you have promised yourself and save a fortune, we will start to put out our monthly news letters shortly, so email us with a request for inclusion on the mailing list an be in line for some good deals over the coming months,
regards paul

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

the national koi show 2013

Hello all,
          as we have said this year we will start to sponsor koi clubs and we thought we would start big,
we have taken a 9m stand at the national koi show in Coventry and hope all you koi keepers will try to make the effort to attend the show on one of the days over the weekend, there is a huge range of quality koi on show and it is the koi keeping event of the year and should not be missed, so if you attend call in and say hello and enjoy the day,
regards paul

Thursday, 2 May 2013

the start of summer

hello all,
             what can I say, I blink and 5 weeks has gone by already well do I now see a glimmer of summer on the horizon I have no excuse as to why it has been so long since I have done any blogs but I can say I will try a bit harder,
  I am delighted to say we have now sponsored the Yorkshire koi club and we hope to help the national show this year, we will be looking to sponsor other independent koi clubs in the future months,
    for those of you that are not aware the maruju tancho koi are now on sale and they are fantastic quality so grab one while you can, lets hope this is the start of our summer and the temperatures are just going to get better so our koi can get over that long winter and finally put some size,  on as we all know last year was a washout, but things must get better, mind did I not say that last year and look what happened,
speak to you shortly
regards paul

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Well what can we say,does anyone think we are going to get a summer this year,just when we think it cannot get any worse it does,when we look back at our summer last year,yes that 2 weeks we got in march last year,when we all cleaned our filters out and grabbed our shorts out of the wardrobe only to find it was over as quick as it started,this year it has not even started,we are thinking about selling brollies and wellington boots,we think we will make a fortune,we have looked at it in depth,and if we bring them in from china at tuppence a pair,and sell them at £50 a pair because nobody will have them in stock as they already have there summer stock in we will be rich,well thats what my new business plan looks like,or do you have a better money making idea we can share and get rich together,
   now the dillema,how many koi do we bring in from japan just in case we get a summer or do we risk running out,answers on a postcard please,

Saturday, 16 March 2013

the tancho's have landed

Hello all,
              we are pleased to say the tancho's have finally landed,we hope to get them photographed in about a week,once we are sure that they have settled down. after there first quiet day they are now actively eating and enjoying the water currently at 6o deg,which we will start reducing in a fortnight so they will be ready to go in 4 weeks time weather permitting,
     All koi are available for sale with a £50 non refundable deposit securing each fish which we will keep until weather warms up,
We are sorry we have to charge a deposit,but we have had so many occasions when people have asked us to keep fish only to change there minds at a later date.
   we are currently resizing all our koi and re photographing for the web site,but as this is a very big task please bear with us,also note the tosai matsunosuke go sanke mix are coming on in leaps and bounds so anyone with a growing on unit make sure you have a look at them,
regards Paul

Friday, 22 February 2013

high quality sakai matsunosuke

hi all,
        as we where disappointed that the tanchos would not arrive until march,we have managed to squeeze a box of high grade tosai hand selected mix on this shipment due in 28th Feb,sorry about the photo there was no time to get a video,
these are some very nice koi with great potential in the right hands,ideal to grow on will be nice to see them in the flesh next week,
regards paul

Monday, 18 February 2013

delay in tanchos

Hi all,
i have just been informed that the tancho kohaku hand selected koi that where due on the feb 28 shipment,have been deemed as not ready to travel by the breeder,so they now will not be received by us until the 2nd shipment which is due in in march,sorry for the inconvenience i will give you the full delivery date when i  know,however we hope to have a box of high grade matunosuke showa and sanke mix,which we are just waiting for confirmation of,watch this space,i will post photo as soon as they are confirmed,
regards Paul